Therefore, it is customary when prescribing certain drugs to persons over 60 years of age to reduce the dose to 50%. Close

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The effect of drugs depends on the state of the body. The age of the patient is of great importance. As a rule, children are more sensitive to drugs. Accordingly, in a medical reference book in a special table, the highest permissible doses of toxic and potent substances for children of different age groups are given. In old age, drug sensitivity also increases.

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This phenomenon is described in the medical encyclopedia and is called cumulation. The body gradually loses its sensitivity (addiction) to some drugs when they are repeated. In such cases, you have to gradually increase the dose. To drugs that act on the central nervous system and cause a state of euphoria (pleasant mood), pathological addiction can occur (see Drug addiction). Stopping the drug that has caused the addiction leads to a number of severe physical and mental disorders of the body.

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As a result of repeated injections of drugs, which are slowly excreted from the body and are slowly inactivated in it, their accumulation in concentrations exceeding therapeutic ones is possible.

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Chemical transformations of drugs in the body occur mainly in the liver, but to a greater or lesser extent they can be carried out in other tissues. The excretion of drugs is usually carried out by the kidneys. Gaseous substances and volatile liquids are released in the exhaled air. Often, the glands of the gastrointestinal tract and sweat glands are also involved in removing drugs from the body. When prescribing drugs to nursing mothers, the possibility of excreting substances through the mammary glands should be taken into account.

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